Receiving guests is the main and most cherished activity of the Centre Artistique of Piégon. The Centre Artistique de Piégon is not a commercial establishment, but a non-profit organization founded in 1965. A non-profit organization is by definition one that is formed by a group of people to pursue a common goal; in this case to maintain a place where artists and lovers of the Arts can meet. Thus it is necessary to become a member in order to stay at the Centre.

The receives no subsidies and operates solely by means of the contributions and donations of its members.


For information about participation and accommodation costs please contact The Artistic Centre.
Telephone : 33 (0) 4 75 27 10 43. From the U.S. dial 011 then 33 and the rest.



To stay at the Artistic Centre, it is necessary to ask to become a member by contacting Sheela or Claude Eichenberger. The minimum annual fee is 10 € per person. ( for supporting member 30€, benefactor 70€, patron from 200€).

To send your donations, you can send us a check directly to the Artistic Centre of Piégon 26110 Piègon France to the order of "Artistic Centre of Piégon" (mentioning the name of the member, if different from the check)
Or you can also make a bank transfer via paypal.


Thank you very much in advance, your assistance is precious to continue to welcome you ever more numerous in this exceptional place.