Jean-Pierre Eichenberger always sought to emphasize the artist's role in society. Their work is often considered "superfluous" without seriousness and profitability. The embellishment which the small as well as the great contributions of artists is frequently disregarded.

Deploring the lack of recognition that the artist in general receives, Jean-Pierre Eichenberger chose to dedicate his house to them, so that they could create in a favourable atmosphere, encouraged by people who love the Arts and are searching for their inspiring company.

"There, artists can bridge the gap that separates them from their public by inviting art lovers to live in contact with the daily adventure of creation. Through this communion experienced in a site blessed by the Muses, everyone would benefit from the contact with each other. So the poet may sing without worrying about destructive criticism, on which elsewhere his future could depend. Here there is no need to please anyone, there is only the desire to enjoy the presence of others. The essential condition for the harmonious development of the artist is the appreciation of the art lover. Those who attempt to distil life's experiences should be cherished. Thus the lives of all will be enhanced, the fruits of the labour of some ripening in the sunshine of the appreciation of others. "

Jean-Pierre Eichenberger


Actually, the ongoing communication between artists and lovers of the Arts or sciences is perpetuated.

The remarkable concerts and conferences on a wide range of subjects given at the Centre, contribute to the harmony of these meetings with a lively and keen audience.

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