Sheela & Claude Eichenberger welcome you all year round in this exeptional site away from the everyday world.


At the foot of Mont Ventoux, in the silence of harmonious hills, our guests have included couples, groups, and singles enjoying a vacation steeped in an artistic ambiance.

The region is of great touristic interest thanks to year-round festivals and markets, the stunning variety of landscapes, different in each season, a rich history going back to Roman times, and the fascination of nineteen medieval and Roman villages to explore. Hikers will find multiple tracks and climbing paths on the Dentelles de Montmirail and the rocks of Buis-Les-Baronnies.

Art is omnipresent, with the paintings on the walls, the frequent presence of musicians, the perceptiveness of the remarks of the guests during meals and the inventive and refined cooking.

Taking a walk in the surroundings, exchanging ideas, meeting guests from all walks of life, such as an artist, or a musician, creates an atmosphere where everyone can express oneself with confidence.

These spontaneous contacts nourish the heart and the mind. Spiritual, scientific and cultural subjects have their place in the Centre's extensive program of discovery.
The message could be "Let's encourage ourselves to communicate with one another! "